Water treatments for jewelry. Can i bathe in jewelry?

There is a fairly widespread belief that the most beloved and especially close to the heart jewelry (for example, an engagement ring or a pendant on a weightless chain) can be worn without taking off, doing household chores and even taking a bath. Indeed, precious metals do not succumb to the negative effects of water, but, unfortunately, there are other troubles that await jewelry during the usual and such familiar rituals of beauty and daily hygiene. We can’t wait to tell you and warn you!

Soap and disinfectants

The endless washing of hands, followed by their treatment with disinfectant has become an obligatory ritual and an integral part of our new reality. Nevertheless, to prevent possible negative consequences, we suggest removing all rings and bracelets before this important procedure. Particles of soap or cleanser left between the ring and the skin can cause allergies, irritation and even inflammation. In addition, detergent residues may provoke the appearance of indelible plaque on the inside of the product and cause a general deterioration of its appearance.

Everyday beauty routine

The constituents of cosmetic products, which are not the most tolerant of gems and metals, almost always have a negative impact on the condition of the jewelry. Moreover, the harmful effects are not immediately visible, such as dullness, darkening, and permanent stains that cannot be removed even by a professional cleanser, and appear not immediately after application, but some time later. In addition, let us remind you of the possibility of damage to the surface of jewelry acids and abrasives included in many cleansers and exfoliators for face and body.

Oils and bubble baths

Once again, water does not seem to have any adverse effect on precious metals, but our baths often contain products such as oils, salts, and cosmetics that are good for our skin but bad for our jewelry. In addition, once under the pressure of water, the jewelry may unhook or tear invisibly and then get lost altogether, escaping with the water.

Another rather unobvious warning: while showering with earrings or necklaces on, there is always a risk of getting trapped in the item with a washcloth and injuring yourself.

The cumulative effect of cosmetics

The last argument in defense of your jewelry against regular exposure to water procedures applies mainly to precious stones, some of which are afraid of moisture and sudden temperature changes. We must not forget the alcohol contained in disinfectants and cosmetics, which may damage the surface of the stone and cause cracks.

Please note that by not regularly taking the ring off before washing your hands or while taking a bath, you allow residuals of cosmetic products to accumulate under the stone, which may lead to premature wear, weakening of the setting and the not-so-pleasant prospect of losing the stone.



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