Unusual jewelry: TOP care tips

We want our unusual jewelry to last as long as possible. We want them to be cared for properly and with care. After all, we create jewelry not only from precious metals, but we also use enamel and stones.

Let us tell you how to make your jewelry shine again.

What jewelry fears

You went to an online jewelry store, placed an order and received it-your piece of jewelry with a nice matte sheen. Your job is to keep that shine as long as possible. All jewelry is prone to mechanical stresses. After a while, it becomes covered in scratches and abrasions. Sun, water, household chemicals are also not the best way to affect the appearance of a ring or earrings.

Gold takes a dim view of the alkaline solutions, while silver is prone to becoming darker under the influence of the environment.

How to care for your gold jewelry

Gold unusual jewelry does not require specific and complex care. As soon as you take off your favorite earrings or ring, just wipe them with a soft cloth. It can be a special microfiber, but you can flannel or a piece of suede.

Does your piece of jewelry have dirt on it? Small spots can be cleaned well with a soapy solution with a few drops of ammonia. Wipe, rinse in clean water and dry well.

If you have not seen enough, and the jewelry is already noticeably dirty, you need more serious resuscitation. Simply place the piece in water and add a little dishwashing detergent.

How to care for your silver jewelry

Silver requires more care than gold because it simply begins to darken with exposure to the air. So, like with gold, wipe it with a soft cloth every time.

Dark plaque is easily removed when you wash your jewelry in soapy water, and after that wipe them with a napkin moistened with ammonia alcohol.

Care for jewelry with inlays

If you have any questions about how to take care of your jewelry, ask your jewelry online store, and they will give you detailed advice. Inlay jewelry can be washed in a soapy solution.

Fancy jewelry: take care of your gems

Precious stones require no less reverent treatment. Therefore, they need very careful treatment. As a rule, always take your jewelry off when you are doing household chores. Unusual jewelry with stones should be regularly cleaned with a soft cloth and washed in a light soapy solution.

Care for jewelry with enamel

Enamel jewelry will have a stylish and original look. But they are also very demanding to care for. Enamel is in fact a small glass pane, which can crack if you drop it. Such jewelry should be protected from knocks. Enamel does not tolerate heat and temperature changes, as well as any alkaline substances.

So how should items be cleaned? Only in warm water, with ammonia added.

Exotic Jewelry: Proper Storage

What is the best way to store your jewelry? The best way to store your jewelry is to have it “live” in a jewelry box, which is upholstered inside with fabric. For each piece of jewelry, you should have a small pouch. So things will not contact with each other and will not scratch.

Never keep items with semi-precious stones or enamel without a jewelry box. They will deteriorate in the sun and quickly lose their original look.

Professional care

However meticulous your jewelry may be at home, you should have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. He or she will polish your jewelry and carefully rinse it in an ultrasound bath. A professional jeweller is so familiar with the properties of metals and stones that he or she will be able to find the best way to care for your jewellery.

The jeweller will also check whether the stones are securely set on your jewelry. He or she will also advise you on the best professional care products for your jewelry.



Jewelry has been a huge passion of mine since my earliest years. Spending a lot of time looking at and studying them, I learned a lot of interesting things. Now I am ready to share this knowledge with you on the pages of my blog about jewelry. Nina

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