The Top 4 Career Options for Communication Specialists

The main career options for communication specialists include:

  1. Getting hired by corporate entities: More and more corporate entities (big companies) are seeing the need for them to have in-house communication specialists. This means that you, as a communication specialist, have the option of applying for a corporate job. The corporate communications jobs tend to be quite lucrative, but they are also very demanding. In these kinds of roles, you are expected to facilitate both internal and external communications for the firm that has hired you. Notably, some companies have set up systems through which their communications experts can work remotely. That is in a manner similar to how a company like GM enables its dealers to work from anywhere. You know, where a dealer can just go to the GM Global Connect Login page, sign in there, and find all (or at least most) of the work-related resources he needs online. Similarly, some organizations have arrangements for their communication specialists to work remotely — though for some assignments, the communications specialists are expected to be present in person.
  2. Getting hired by government departments: Various government departments have always had job openings for communications specialists. These government positions may not be particularly lucrative, but they come with lots of job security and family friendly working hours.
  3. Going into academia: This is a matter of acquiring advanced qualifications in the field of communications (mostly doctorates), then applying for teaching jobs in various colleges and universities.
  4. Setting up consultancies: This is arguably one of the most lucrative career options for people who are ‘true’ communications experts. It is just a matter of setting up a communications consultancy office then (the hard part) trying to get clients to buy the communications consultancy services. But if you have good connections with the top people in various industries, being a communications consultant can work out very well for you.


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