Sports character. How to pair jewelry with shorts and hoodies

For a long time, the combination of sports style and jewelry was considered absolutely unacceptable and even indecent. Fortunately, in the era of sports chic, when luxury goes hand in hand with functionality and practicality, the combination of a sweatshirt, gold and diamonds seems more than logical! We’ve selected a few successful options that clearly demonstrate how to combine your favorite jewelry with sportswear this fall.

Laconic chains

Elegant chains in minimalist style quite expressively shade simplicity of ordinary shirts, crop-tops and bras, adding femininity and logical completeness to extremely laconic silhouette. With just one jewelry element, a frankly sporty outfit acquires a distinctive, modern sound.

Classic watch

Morning jogging and sporty form is not a reason to remove the classic Swiss watch and urgently get a smart version. We suggest following Princess Diana’s legendary example and combining an elegant watch with biker jackets, oversize t-shirts and vintage-inspired sweatshirts, which are incredibly trendy right now.

Gold earrings

The perfect combo! Large gold earrings in the form of rings balance the sporty nature of caps and baseball caps, adding a relaxed and free image. Such a method is especially useful during the periods of bad weather when the headwear will help to protect your face and hair from rain, and the earrings will be the link between a cap and, for example, a coat of a classic cut.

Pendants, pendants and lockets

All sorts of pendants, pendants and medallions, worn solo or in a few rows will most successfully complete the layered image with the participation of a voluminous hoodie. The only condition is that the decorations must have a bright character and strong personality not to get lost in the folds of coarse fabric and a variety of textures.

Massive rings

Massive rings don’t give up their positions, on the contrary, they strengthen them in anticipation of the autumn-winter season. One of the reasons is nothing so decorates and underlines the refinement of women’s hands as a combination of a long sleeve sweatshirt or sweater with the original composition of several large rings.

The more the better

Do not be afraid to go overboard. Modern fashion not only allows, but also strongly approves the contrasting combination of monochrome sports style with an abundance of gold jewelry of different shapes and sizes. It is suggested to emphasize on one group of articles (for example, rings), and not to limit yourself in a choice, wearing all your favorite at once!



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