Rings with diamonds. Which cut of the stone should you prefer?

What should be the guideline when ordering a diamond ring? The color of the stone? The price? Right, but there is one more criterion that affects the overall look of a future ring: the stone’s cut. It is the cut that will determine how full, bright and bright the diamond facets will shine and how they will be able to reflect light.

Ninety percent of diamonds that are produced today have the round cut, the classic cut that has the optimal characteristics of light play, brilliance and beauty. The other 10% are fancy cuts, of which there may be several. Do you want to know what is the difference between the Princess cut and the Marquis, or the Pear cut and the Usher? And what is your favorite cut for men’s rings? We’ll talk about that below.

“Marquis” or “Usher”, “Pear” or “Heart”?

The “Princess” cut is the most popular cut after the round, allowing you to get wonderful square (or rectangular) stones.

Many custom-made jewelry and engagement rings for women are made with princess-cut diamonds. Signs of this cut are sharp corners of the stone, color and brilliance concentrated in the corners.

The Usher cut was invented in 1902 by the Usher brothers. Diamonds of this type are only square and have large open facets. Rings with diamonds of this cut were extremely popular in the 1930s. The Usher shape requires the diamond to be highly pure and free of defects. Only in this case one may get a really impressive square stone shining with all its facets.

The Marquise cut is another well-known technique that allows the stone to appear bigger. This cut gives an elongated stone of various sizes and proportions. Legend has it that this form was invented by Louis XIV, inspired by the smile of his beloved Marquise de Pompadour.

Modern custom-made jewelry usually contains a combination of the Marquise with small round diamonds. The Marquise cut on the rings is an excellent way to visually “lengthen” the fingers and make the hand look delicate and aristocratic.

The Radiant cut is a mix of the emerald and princess cuts, creating rectangular or square-shaped stones with beveled corners. Men’s diamond rings most often contain a “radiant” stone, which looks chic, is easy to set, and is practical.

The “Pear” or “Drop” cut is the name that immediately defines the shape of this stone: a drop-shaped stone. Such diamonds are used to make earrings, pendants, and women’s rings, which are made to visually lengthen the hand and fingers.

The heart cut is the teardrop-shaped diamond, which has a hollow in the center. When creating a diamond of this shape, the cutters have to use all their skills, because it is important that the facets of the Heart are completely symmetrical. As a rule, bridal jewelry such as bridal rings and pendants are made to order with heart-shaped stones.

Due to the large variety of cut types, in each case it is possible to create original jewelry pieces fitting the occasion or for a specific person. What kind of cut do you like?



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