Jewelry made of gold and silver: how to care properly?

Jewelry, most of which is exquisite jewelry made of precious stones and metals, requires delicate treatment. Proper and regular care of your jewelry will have a direct impact on its lifespan and attractive appearance. The following suggestions will help you maintain your jewelry in good condition and maintain its original radiance.

Above all, your jewelry should be allowed a periodic “rest”: it should be worn on “occasions” and not all the time. Also, they must be removed when you go to the sauna, baths, swimming pools and gyms. It is also advisable to take the jewelry off when doing household chores, as they are subject to mechanical stress – bumps, scratches and so on. For instance, microscratches on the surface of any gold piece cause its shine to fade, while a knock or drop can cause the fragile jewels in your jewelry to simply split or fall out.

You should not store your jewelry in a “bulk” in a common jewelry case; there must be separate bags or cases for them. In this case, the jewelry should not touch each other.

Every day, your jewelry is exposed to negative environmental influences. Oxygen, sun, perspiration, dust, water, grease, cosmetics, household chemicals, and other factors which affect their appearance, so jewelry should be cleaned regularly. Do not clean your jewelry with baking soda, vinegar, iodine, chlorine or other abrasive or aggressive substances, as these can cause scratches, loss of luster or discolouration of the precious metal.

Gold jewelry: care instructions

After wearing your gold jewelry, always wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove dust and visible dirt from the street. Your jewelry should also be cleaned periodically. At home, we recommend cleaning gold with a soapy solution containing a few drops of ammonia. In this case, soap, shampoo or other soap products that you will use to prepare this solution, should not be highly alkaline. Dip the item in the prepared warm soapy solution and wash it thoroughly, but very carefully with a soft cloth or sponge. Then wipe the jewelry dry with a dry cloth. Do not use a hot jet of air from a hair dryer or other heat sources to remove water from the surface of the jewelry.

You can also use diluted spirits or vodka to clean the gold. Simply soak the jewellery in vodka for a few seconds and then wipe it dry. You may not dip the jewelry, but simply moisten a cotton swab or tampon with vodka and carefully wipe the gold jewelry. It is not necessary to rinse the jewellery in pure water afterwards.

You can restore the shine of gold jewelry with the juice of an onion. Rub the surface of the gold jewelry with it and leave it like that for several hours. Then rinse it thoroughly with clean water and dry it.

How to clean silver?

The thing that really hurts the most out of all precious metals is silver. It oxidizes in the air, gradually loses its shine and darkens quickly enough, so you should care for silver jewelry more often.

We recommend to clean silver jewelry with a soft thick flannel or microfiber cloth. You can remove dark plaque from the surface of silver jewellery by washing it in a warm soapy solution and then carefully wiping it with a soft cloth soaked in ammonia. However, this cleaning method should not be used for decorations with a blackened finish.

Specially formulated jewellery cosmetics are also used for cleaning silver. These effective remedies will help remove any stains easily and restore the precious metal to its original, attractive shine. Give your jewelry the best care so that it will shine beautifully for many years to come!



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