How Do I Communicate Directly With L Brands Top Management?

For the last 2 days, I have been trying to figure out how I can communicate directly with L Brands top management. I am a fashion designer with linkages to some sewing factory operators in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. I am seeking to become one of L Brands’ suppliers. For that to happen, I have to (successfully) sell my business proposal to the L Brands top management. And that is where I am facing a challenge – figuring out how to communicate directly with the L Brands top management.

You could tell me that all I have to do is go to the L Brands website, and pick the email addresses and phone numbers of the top management people there. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The email addresses provided on the website are likely to be the general ones, as opposed to those of the top management. And if L Brands is like most companies, the reality is that there will probably be all manner of gate-keepers, standing between outsiders (like myself) and the company’s top management. So whereas I can try calling the CEO on the phone number provided on the website, chances are that the call would first be picked by the secretary. And chances are that the secretary won’t let me speak to the big boss, unless she is persuaded that I have something ‘worth’ talking to the CEO about.

It is not that I have anything against the L Brands rank and file employees. But I do have a feeling that the sort of business proposal I have in mind can’t be handled by the typical Aces Etm Employee. It is the sort of business that requires top level management input.

So that is the challenge I have been trying to grapple with. Perhaps, when all is said and done, I will probably just have to book an appointment with the people who are in charge of procurement at L Brands. I guess that is only way I can get one foot into the door, and (hopefully) then escalate the proposal to the top management, eventually.



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