Handmade silver and gold jewelry: how to choose a gift

Handmade jewelry made of silver and gold is always a topical and unpretentious gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a personal date or a familiar holiday – New Year, March 8, February 14 … But men are always men, it can be difficult for them to determine whether the chosen gift will suit the person to whom they choose it. In this article, we will tell you about some tips that will greatly facilitate your choice of an original gift for your loved one. Provided that you have a good understanding of her character and preferences, of course.

A short list of win-win options

Handmade jewelry – will favorably emphasize your affection for the person to whom you give it. But let’s start with the top five win-win options. This is in case you are not sure that you studied well the taste of the recipient of the gift:

  • Jewelry that’s close to classic. They are versatile, suitable for any outfit or any occasion, don’t crush, don’t look dominant.
  • Small carnation earrings. Such subtle tenderness.
  • A necklace, chain or bracelet. In case you don’t know if your girlfriend wears earrings or rings.
  • Jewelry with a bright accent.
  • Any handmade silver jewelry. Nothing will accentuate individuality like an author’s jewelry.

Algorithm of a gift choice

If you decide to give a gift of jewelry, if possible, examine the girl’s jewelry box. This way you will understand what products your sweetheart likes: color, shape, look.

Useful recommendations:

  1. To avoid falling into the bait of fraudsters, choose a gift only in official online stores.
  2. Pay attention to the fact that there is a convenient connection with the store and you can consult online or by phone.
  3. Be sure to determine the terms of delivery. You do not want your gift to be late!
  4. Charge a good mood and give it together with jewelry!

Handmade jewelry in silver and gold: for a holiday or every day

By the way, do you always give jewelry for a certain occasion? Psychologists say that gifts without an occasion are much more meaningful than those that must be given on a specific date. Why:

  • It’s a demonstration of your love.
  • A way to show a person that he is important to you.
  • A way to express your support. Don’t forget that handmade jewelry is very emotional and expressive.
  • A way to start a “chain reaction” of gifts without reason.

So, we think that gifts that can be given on any day, not just for a holiday is a very good option.

Choosing alone or together

How to choose handmade silver and gold jewelry as a gift – together or alone? What man has not wondered about this question and did not find the answer? Let’s get to the bottom of it. If you have already asked this question, it means that you are not sure that you know your partner’s tastes well. Therefore, in such a situation, it is best to choose a gift with your partner.

What to do, if you want to make a surprise? Go through jewelry stores together and see what kind of jewelry the girl’s eyes light up. Better yet, “accidentally” leave an online store page open, and then check the history of requests.

There are only a few cases when you should not buy on your own: when you have just met, or when you do not know the size of the ring and it is impossible to change it due to design features.



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