Handmade gold and silver jewelry: how to combine precious metals

Handmade gold and silver jewelry is a great option for those who like to stand out from the crowd. But any precious jewelry is very demanding and requires a certain taste from its owner to look stylish, but not vulgar at the same time.

In this article, we will tell you about how to combine jewelry made of different metals and give you some useful tips on how to wear them.

The new trend – to combine the unconnected

Modern fashion suggests the freedom and liberty in the choice of jewelry. And today there are no strict requirements for the jewelry, which you wear at the same time, to be from the same collection. But nevertheless it is necessary to combine them not thoughtlessly. And when you look at the jewelry online store and choose a novelty, it is important to consider what your image will be and what jewelry you already have.

Products that do not match in style should harmonize. That is, they should match the color or texture. In this case, your image will not be a screaming one. On the contrary – such an eclecticism will definitely draw attention.

Handmade gold and silver jewelry: top 5 tips

Handmade gold and silver jewelry is popular among girls who follow the latest trends in fashion. But in order to stay “in style”, you need to follow some tips that will make your image complete and interesting.

Tip 1: Don’t overload your look

Massive jewelry often does not require additions. They look good solo. And this single detail draws attention to itself. So if you choose a catchy piece of jewelry, do not put another small piece beside it. There are not so strict rules to the clothing – your jewelry will look very well in the casual and oversize style.

Tip 2. Choose clothing that will accentuate the jewelry

If you want to accentuate the accessory, it is important to choose the right color scheme for your image. The clothing should not obscure the jewelry, on the contrary, draw attention to it. In such a case, choose pastel shades and smooth fabrics. Very brave girls can play on contrasts. For example, silver looks good on a material of cold shades.

Tip 3. Observe the moderation in all things

Stylists recommend not to overload the decollete and face area. If, for example, you wear large earrings, you should not pick up something massive on the neck. It is better to wear a stylish bracelet. Or vice versa: you decided to try on a voluminous chain, then pick up small stud earrings to it.

Tip #4. For the jewelry-free zone, look for the best places to wear your jewelry, and look for the worst places to wear your jewelry

Yes. There are those places, too. It is not a matter of aesthetics, but your own safety. Therefore, it is imperative to remove jewelry before going to bed, before going to the shower, sauna or any water procedures, as well as in the gym. You should not wear jewelry for visits to stylists or before a manicure.

Tip 5. Jewelry should be matched to the appearance

The modern style suggests freedom, but do not forget that between the mixing of styles and vulgarity the line can be thin. Therefore, choose jewelry that suits your clothes and appearance. For example, long earrings are not recommended to wear to girls with a short neck and short stature. Such products only make unnecessary accent. Finding yourself in an online jewelry store, begin to think through your image in advance. This will help you make the right purchase and not be disappointed.

Unusual, handmade gold and silver jewelry in a single style – the way to success

Handmade gold and silver jewelry often comes in collections rather than singly. That way, you can easily find pieces to match your look.

Don’t think that you will overload or burden your look with details. Collections are created so that they don’t copy each other in different types of jewelry, but complement each other.



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