Jewelry has been a huge passion of mine since my earliest years. Spending a lot of time looking at and studying them, I learned a lot of interesting things. Now I am ready to share this knowledge with you on the pages of my blog about jewelry. Nina

Art Deco Style in Jewelry

The birth of a new style The term art deco is an abbreviation for the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts D√©coratifs Industriels et Modernes in Paris. The new modernist style along with craftsmanship and finest materials impressed the public and caught on. It is the most comprehensive of the recent styles that influenced the development […]

How to properly care for a wristwatch?

Annual preventive maintenance is to have your watch checked by a watchmaker for breakages. A wristwatch polishing service can be offered in the workshop if the appearance of the chronometer has deteriorated. Also for quartz watches, it is important to replace the battery. Depending on the model, the battery life can vary from 6 months […]